Giant confetti balloons - Silver, light blue and Blue circle confetti - 36 inches

Each gorgeous balloon is filled with a generous handful of our special confetti mix. This one has silver, light blue and blue circles. Perfect for birthdays, baby showers, weddings, engagement parties and more.

  • Shake the balloon well to distribute the confetti
  • If filling with air, use a balloon pump to avoid moisture from your breath clouding the balloon, simply insert the balloon pump, make sure no air can escape and pump until large and clear
  • Rub the balloon on carpet or clothing to create static electricity for the confetti to stick to the sides
  • If filling with helium, we suggest using a pump of air first to help the confetti stick to the sides. The confetti will tend to pool at the bottom if only filled with helium
  • Note – balloon is supplied uninflated and unpackaged


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