How to inflate foil balloons

Whether you want to inflate a heart foil balloon, a unicorn head, a donut, a star, letters, numbers, or anything foil, we have you covered with our how to guide, we are all about making birthdays easy!

Lets start with helium. First, locate the filling tab on the outside of the balloon, all foil balloons have these, typically located at the bottom side of the balloon. Next, insert the nozzle of the helium tank onto the filling tab, as you are filling the balloon hold onto the filling tab securely around the nozzle of the helium tank. Now press down on the nozzle of the helium tank to gently fill the balloon, continue pressing on the nozzle until the balloon is full, most foil balloons will begun to float upwards while filling and you will know the balloon is full when the entire is firm but the outer edge is still slightly wrinkled. Finally, remove the nozzle from the balloon by slipping the filling tab off. The foil balloon will seal itself from the inside. Enjoy your foil balloons for 3-7 days, try tying some ribbon to them and securing with a balloon weight to make a balloon bouquet.

Now lets talk about filling foil balloons with air. As with helium, find the filling tab towards the bottom of the balloon. Insert a straw (any drinking straw will work, some foil balloons come with accompanying straws) gently into the filling tab, you may hear the straw break the inner seal which is usually about 3-5cm in, this is OK for this to break.  Now blow while holding onto the straw inside the filling tab. Continue to blow using long deep breaths until the balloon is firm. Then pinch the filling tab in between two fingers and remove the straw, the foil balloon will seal itself. Perfect for foil lettering. You can attach to a wall with double sided tape or hang with string. Air inflated foil balloons should last at least a week with air. If you have a large quantity to blow up you could use an air pump with a thin, longish (3-5cm) nozzle and pump gently until full and remove and seal in the same way as using a straw.

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Foil balloons

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