GO banana mad for minions

Minions loot bags

So your little cute yellow minion has a birthday coming up and you rather not have them turn into an purple evil minion and cause all the chaos they could possibly dream of, we are here to help you keep your minions tamed.

What to feed the Minions

Fairy Bread – Instead of using 100s and 1000s why not use blue and yellow sprinkles for minions and purple sprinkles and chocolate hail for the evil minions.

Bananas – A minions favourite food – by using either double sided tape or non toxic PVA glue, you can stick googly eyes to an banana and draw some eye brows and a mouth on them. If you have a few party goers to feed then you could chop the bananas in half and use lemon juice or rub a lemon on the bottom of the now cut up banana to prevent the banana from going brown to quickly.

Banana Lollies – Simply as throwing a handful in a bowl and all set to go

Popcorn – Place in yellow cups with minion faces drawn on

Minion Juice – Fill a drink dispenser up with pineapple juice or tropical juice and add paper cut out eyes or giant googly eyes above the tap to make it look like an minion

Minion cupcakes – Ice cupcakes with yellow icing and add a white marshmallow and add a brown m&m or chocolate drops to the marshmallow to resemble an eye and use a black gel icing pens or melted chocolate in a piping bag to draw mouths on

Entertaining the Minions

Bubble wands – Who doesn’t love bubbles

Pin the goggles on the Minion – Just like pin the tail on the donkey

Pass the banana – Just like pass the parcel, except wrapped up like a banana

Feed the minion – For young and old, cover a cardboard box up with yellow or purple paper, cut out a mouth and stick some eyes on, then throw some bean bags or balls into the minions mouth

Its so Decorative Decor

Yellow, Blue, Purple and Black streamers

Yellow balloons with faces drawn on

Until Next Time

So your magical, fun and LOUD party has come to an end , here’s some ideas of what to put in your loot bags to ensure everyone remembers the fun events for days to come.

  • Blue and yellow balloons
  • Purple and black balloons
  • Bubbles
  • Stickers
  • Banana lollies
  • Yellow and blue lollipops
  • Whoopie cushions

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