Circus party games!

Looking for circus party games? Step right up and read on! 

  1.  Use your party cups and stack these up as  a pyramid.  Then kids take turns trying to knock this down using a soft ball or a small bean bag.
  2.  Bob for apples. Fill a tub with water, you could use a small paddling pool, and float some apples. Kids put their hands behind their backs and try to pick up an apple using their teeth only. Hours of fun guaranteed!
  3. Set up a face painting station. Are you or one of your friends good with art/make up? The kids can become clowns at their own circus!
  4. Set up a good old fashioned ring toss with rings and bowling pins or bottles
  5. Balloon pop . This one is for the older kids. First put blown up balloons on the back fence. Then kids take turns using darts to pop the balloons. Different coloured balloons can score different points The highest points from three throws wins! Adult supervision recommended
  6. Guess how many jellybeans are in the jar. Have a jar filled with jellybeans, don’t forget to count how many are in there and write it down somewhere safe! Kids write down their guess of how many in the jar and at the end of the day whoever is closest wins the jar. The jar will also add colour to your table set up.
  7. Juggling competition. Who can juggle the best? Adults or kids? We will soon find out…
  8. Pin the nose on the clown. Draw/paint/print a big clown and stick this to a window, wall, fence. Kids take turns trying to stick the clowns red nose onto his face. Of course the kids are blindfolded and spun around five times first!
  9. Hula hoop competition – which clown can hula the longest?
  10.  Pie eating competition – who can eat pie the fastest? Alternatively, find a gummy bear in a plate of whipped cream. Hands behind backs, no cheating, ready set go!
  11. Follow this link and check out our circus themed party pack 
circus party games

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